AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper action

The description of AWP Mode: Elite online 3D sniper action

  • Love online shooting games and always choose the sniper rifle? prepare for epic sniper games battles against other players.
  • No other guns allowed! an enormous arsenal of dozens of sniper rifles and much of heroes to settle on from will keep your itchy trigger finger happy
  • Snipe other players in online battles and play with friends!
  • Show the planet you are the sharpest shot online, even against top-class sniper pros.

Why you’ll love AWP Mode

Huge arsenal

  • Exclusive sniper rifles of all calibers, from Mosin–Nagant, to CVD and M24s. fix and show the competition what a true 3D sniper seems like .

Different maps

  • Lots of maps with special easter eggs, loot chests, helicopters, explosive barrels and other secrets you and your team can use to urge the whip hand and dominate in shooting games online!


  • All kinds of precision rifle attachments, from scopes and silencers, to other different helpful upgrades.

Cool skins

  • Customize your guns to suit your style with plenty of skins and awesome straps.
  • Show other players what you’re made from in online sniper games.

Crazy good graphics

  • Dive into an action-packed atmosphere of online shootouts with crisp graphics and exceptional controls.

Upgrade armor and guns

  • Build your own combat arsenal to upgrade damage, kickback, reload time and magazine size for any gun in any online sniper battle!

Choose your character

  • Be yourself! choose between plenty of heroes, including New Yorkers, bad girls, bikers, and even Neo.
  • the selection is yours action sniper!

Clans and in-game chat

  • Form your own clan in one click, or join the clan of your choice.
  • Take down other clans in team shooter battles. ask other players and are available up with the simplest tactics to win online sniper battles.
  • Play a day to earn free prizes for FPS, get new missions and much of other cool free stuff!
  • Complete daily online game missions and upgrade gear!
  • Our game is optimized to the max and runs perfectly on any device, now matter how powerful!
    Free to download!


AWP Mode Update

  • Notifications about new gadgets were added
  • New weapons
  • Choosing avatar option was moved to player profile
  • Barrels now can respawn
  • We’ve reworked the interface of friend, chat and clan windows
  • Some bugs have been fixed



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