Marvel Realm of Champions – Android Game

The description of Marvel Realm of Champions

  • Experience a bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe and uncover the secrets of the mysterious new planet known only as Battleworld.
  • Long ago, Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk from an alternate future, forced shattered realities together to construct his own Battleworld.
  • He ruled over these merged, alternate timelines crammed with Gods and Warriors alike until he was secretly slain! together with his iron grip not holding this world together, it’s descended even deeper into disarray.
  • Barons have risen to regulate their lands, looking to show the tide of war in their favor.
  • As this Secret War begins, it’s up to YOU brave Summoner to unravel the mysteries of Battleworld and take your true place as a strong Champion!
  • Customize your own ultimate Marvel Champion with weapons and kit , then team together with your network of friends in real-time high-action brawls.
  • Play your part in an epic war of planetary proportions as you rise from a rookie Champion to become a legendary hero of THE BATTLEWORLD!


  • Customize Your Champion – the sole Marvel game where you’ll become your favorite Champion and customize them to reflect both your personality and battle style.
  • Enhance Your Champion – Earn gear and upgrades as you brawl through the mayhem. Gear and weapons will increase your Champions’ abilities and strength. The more powerful your Champion becomes, the more successful you’ll be. the chances and combinations are endless!
  • Play the right Role – Tank together with your Hulk and take in hits while you attack hard with area disruption. Bring your Black Panther to excel in single combat at close range and inflict devastating damage. Annihilate the competition using high-powered ranged attacks together with your Web Warrior and Iron Legionnaire. Amplify your allies together with your Storm and Sorcerer Supreme to deal bursts of injury and vanquish entire groups of foes.


  • Immerse Yourself during a New Marvel Universe – Marvel authenticity with a twist! Experience the deep story of Battleworld, filled with mystery, intrigue, and ferocious battles with characters from across Marvel history.
  • Marvel Inspired Battle Arenas – Fight within the barbarian wastelands of the Hulk Gamma Horde, high-tech cityscapes composed of Iron Man’s Stark Tech, astounding Asgardian arenas deserve the best battles, and far more!
  • A Visually Stunning World – Witness awe-inspiring graphics and representations of iconic Marvel characters, battle arenas, and spectacular special moves.


  • Lead Your Team to Victory – Strategize together with your team to pick the proper mixture of three Champions to dominate over the competition in action-packed team battles!
  • Reign Supreme in Arena Conquest – Engage in real-time 3v3 team brawls! Takedown the opposing team’s Baron and claim your victory!
  • Defend Your Ground in Stronghold – team and battle waves of enemies to guard your ISO Core.
  • Join the extreme , team-based multiplayer action and put your Champion to the test in action-packed brawls where skill and strategy will earn you an area among LEGENDS!
  • MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. Your Realm.



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