SHADOWGUN LEGENDS – FPS and PvP Multiplayer games

The description of SHADOWGUN LEGENDS


  • l Fight alongside many players to save lots of mankind from a mysterious invader.
  • l Kick some alien meddle a gripping action-packed, story-driven campaign.
  • l combat challenging dungeons and raid bosses together with your buddies in Co-Op missions.
  • l Visit our Hub and party together with your friends in our bar, casino or massage parlor!
  • l Battle your friends in exciting player vs player game modes.


  • l Custom HDR bloom / color grading post-processes.
  • l Advanced character animation supported Mecanim.
  • l GPU-simulated large scale particle systems.
  • l PBR inspired character shading.
  • l Custom soft shadows system.


  • l In-game support for live streaming.
  • l Total transparency of the sport and update development.
  • l Long-term update plan expanding the Shadowgun universe.
  • l Bulletproof anti-cheat system.

High-End Graphics

  • We push the frontier of what is possible on mobile devices!
  • Shadowgun Legends is a groundbreaking online shooter that blurs the lines between console and mobile gaming.
  • Play the best FPS RPG Shooting Online Games for FREE! Join the fight now!
  • Experience PVP multiplayer games with coop or play as a lone wolf.
  • Find new friends in this popular FPS RPG multiplayer game.
  • Enjoy challenging battles, relaxing times in the pub or gather legendary loot.
  • From the authors of Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled, successful zombie FPS games downloaded by more than 250 Million players around the world.
  • We’ve always challenged ourselves to push the boundaries, and we’re proud of our console quality FPS.
  • From cutting edge graphics to our precise FPS control system, hundreds of millions players worldwide have been blown away by innovative approach and dedication to quality.
  • We are the best developer who is developing FPS games and shooting games since 2010.
  • Now we’re taking hardcore mobile shooting games to the next level.


  • Great news! we’ve just released new update filled with improvements and bug fixes.
  • Don’t forget to allow us to know what you think that about the update.
  • Your MFG team



PH World


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