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The description of Squirrel Simulator 2

  • You’ll be able to climb trees and fly from tree to tree. Being in the skin of a creative rodent, you may need to get through many exciting adventures, as well as fighting online in the Royal Arena against real players!


  • At level 10, you can notice a soul mate and acquire married. take care of your partner, feed him, and he will facilitate in the fight against enemies.
  • At level 20, you can have your 1st baby. And when the baby grows up, you can have another one. Even a wolf will tremble at the military of squirrels!


  • You’re awaiting an epic online battle referred to as the Royal arena. There are numerous power-UPS scattered round the Arena which will be used.
  • The fireball deals heaps of damage. The ice ball freezes. Lightning accelerates, the potable heals, and therefore the defend absorbs all damage received.


  • You may be able to collect acorns, mushrooms and berries, which might then be wont to replenish the family, improve the character or purchase a replacement hollow. in the hollow, you’ll be able to build a nest of branches to sleep sweet in it.


  • Associate degree traveler who jumps higher than the trees. A Knight who fights while not fear. Lightning that runs the fastest.
  • A Pilot, a Bounty Hunter, a Cyborg, a Shaman, a Squirmariner, a Soldier, the strongest Squirpire and a great King who kills with one blow are awaiting you.


  • In every new hollow there’ll be a trophy that you simply have to be compelled to earn by passing a stimulating test. “Treasure chest” will make characters cheaper, “Heart of Immortality” will make your family terribly resilient, “Sandals of Speed” can provide you with incredible speed, and “Crown of Excellence” will open access to a brilliant character.


  • The forest is dominated by numerous animal kingdoms, eliminate enemy leaders to induce heaps of coins and make your Kingdom the strongest.
  • The king of mice is that the best to defeat, however after him will return a hare and a raccoon. The snake and badger are dangerous. And solely real knights will have a chance to fight the wolf king!






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