TauCeti Vulkan Technology Benchmark – Android Game

The description of TauCeti Vulkan

  • This is a technology benchmark containing only the start of the sport that shows possibilities now available on mobile devices.
  • The hi-end device with 3GB RAM and fast GPU is required.
  • If this version of the sport doesn’t run properly on your device, please download its cloned version – TauCeti Technology Benchmark.
  • TauCeti Unknown Origin Technology benchmark is an action sci-fi FPS showcasing the high-quality visuals available to current hi-end mobile devices.

  • It contains the start of the sport and allows you to check and compare the performance of your mobile device.
  • TauCeti Unknown Origin throws your protagonist directly into the danger.
  • Your space ship, famed ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2) has gone haywire and crashed.
  • The escape pod saved your life and brought you safely to the surface of the earth Tau Ceti f, directly within the jungle filled with unknown life forms, a number of them possibly intelligent, and now suffering from the debris from the crashed ship. are you able to survive and uncover the secrets of the planet?
  • TauCeti Unknown Origin may be a beautiful but dangerous place.
  • From thick tropical rainforests to deep canyons and dangerous marshes, it’s filled with dangerous fauna and traces of ancient civilizations.
  • Mysterious crumbling temples offers shelter and knowledge, but they’re often filled with danger.
  • Lifeforms on the earth aren’t friendly and that they don’t take kindly to pieces of your broken ship and a couple of human survivors.


  • Exotic and unexplored world of the exoplanet TauCeti f
  • Unique organic AI archetypes with unpredictable behavior
  • Console quality graphics and realistic sound effects with stunning environments
  • Beginning of the sport with a robust story, the spiritual sequel of our previous games
  • In-game cinematic intro taking you directly within the action
  • Character creation preview
  • 2 playable story levels
  • Benchmark test for your smartphone (GPU and CPU)
  • Full controller support

TauCeti Vulkan Update

  • Small bugfix



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