3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures – Game Download

The description of 3D Maze

  • A 3D maze game for all ages! that includes stunning, visual graphics and a cute character named POKO.
  • Play either first person mazes or third person mazes during this offline game!


  • Play in twenty five different, fun, and cartoon titled maps like deserts, snowy forests, rain fields, oceans, fall scenes, castles, jungles, swamps, caves, and plenty of more.
  • every maze is artfully hand created to capture the attention of the beholder.
  • All maps are optimized and permit you to lower the graphics settings if needed.


  • There are many alternative intuitive management choices for all players.
  • Left or right handed options for each joystick and retro buttons.
  • you’ll additionally attempt the classic twin stick setup, or connect your own Bluetooth controller.
  • additionally to controls, you’ve got access to sensitivity.
  • Most important, there are first and third person options!


  • many of us communicate labyrinths and mazes to clear their mind.
  • Mazes can facilitate relieve stress and anxiety.
  • They can also increase your brain power by up memory and thinking skills! You won’t realize any addicting loop during this game.
  • once the sport ends, it ends.
  • That’s why it’s the right 3D maze game for everyone.


  • There are not any hints within the game.
  • This game is meant to be straightforward and extremely casual with simply maze exploration.
  • There are no puzzles, however there are a number of gates and floating bridges.
  • Nothing that interferes with the flow of the game.
  • There is also one Easter egg in the game that may offer you an influence up! Regular updates are coming!
  • we have a tendency to hope you fancy exploring the various environments on your journey! we have a tendency to hope you or your family are going to be proud of this fun 3D maze journey game!

3D Maze: POKO’ Adventures Update

  • added Loading screen
  • fixed Loading problems
  • small fixes





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