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The description of Animated Sticker Maker

  • Animated Sticker Maker is a sticker making tool and a platform for users to exchange their great ideas!
  • It’s the app which will change animated images like .gif / .webp / .mp4 to be a sticker. you’ll collect as many as you would like from online resource like Giphy by searching keywords.
  • If you would like to form your photos be stickers, Animated Sticker Maker helps you add the funny captions.
  • To have the sticker packs made by other users, you’ll add them to your Wa with one click.

Collect stickers from online resource with 3 steps:

  1. Search by words you would like , like “love, hi, thank you, morning , good night…” click the animated image you wish from the results.
  2. The animated gif are going to be weakened to static pictures by frames of motion, choose the one you wish to be your sticker. you’ll return to step 1 to feature more.
  3. provides a name to your sticker pack and yourself, then increase Wa.

Use your own photos from phone to form stickers with 2 steps:

  1. provides a name to your sticker pack and yourself first, then attend select photo from your phone one by one.
  2. Write captions or greeting words on, you’ll click the dice icon to use the captions we steel oneself against you. in any case editions done, click “add to Wa”
  • Don’t worry, if you’re too lazy to form your own sticker pack, you’ll just add others’ uploaded packs to your Wa with just one click!
  • Share together with your friends, allow them to chat with stickers from now on! With Animated Sticker Maker you’ll make tons of packs of sticker or meme of dog / cat / celebrity even anime pictures with funny expressions, never get bored.
  • Just download Animated Sticker Maker now!

Create animated sticker from WhatsApp

Animated Sticker Maker Update

  • Sticker Maker and Sticker Creator for WhatsApp
  • Lots of Emoji and Decorations to form your own stickers
  • Text and drawing supported to customize your stickers
  • Easy steps to form personal stickers and 100% free
  • User friendly and lightweight weight.



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