Call of Battle:Target Shooting FPS Game Download

The description of Call of Battle

  • This is a new FPS game!
  • Challenging stages of Counter Biohazard Ops。It’s time to point out your battle skills.
  • This shooting game supported compelling FPS Commando Missions making it best commando games play. Commando missions are filled with covert operations during this offline Shooting Game.
  • This is an action survival shooter simulation . you’re one among the Special Forces in battlefield to accomplish your tasks.
  • Remove the enemy and take care , don’t let those things get you! Show some commando actions and luxuriate in commando adventures.



  • If you would like to play offline fps game, then you’ll enjoy this call of war story with offline fps shooter experience during this Call of Battle:Target Shooting FPS Game
  • Great realistic sounds effects, compelling graphics and high AI of enemy during this mobile FPS shooter game.


  • Unique modern weapons to settle on , unlock new weapons then use them in next stages.
  • Use precision rifle for long range assassination, assault gun for counter terrorist purpose as special commando. Enemies are too close? Try the shotguns!


  • The enemies you face are extremely dangerous, a number of them are move quickly, a number of them could also be highly immune to bullets.
  • Show them commando shooting skills with most compelling and challenging mission.
  • Oh, and take care , don’t let those things get you!

FPS War shooting

  • The ultimate challenging task during this Best CS game is to neutralize the enemy together with your teammates, strike at enemy base, face the enemy’s well-trained Special Forces together with your excellent modern weapons, and then, complete your mission!

Call of Battle Update

  • System optimization.





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