Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser – Private Browser

The description of Dolphin Zero

  • Dolphin Zero is one among the simplest incognito apps. it is the incognito private browser and better than InBrowser. Dolphin Zero is ultra lightweight with only 500K app size.
  • Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser brings peace of mind to users who wish to stay their personal information as safe as possible by automatically deleting data including browsing history, cache, passwords and cookies.
  • it is a safe browser.
  • this is often the optimal browser if you would like to go to dating sites, medical sites, check Facebook on a friends device, watch a video or anything without anyone finding out!

Enabling by default ‘Do Not Track’ functionality to its fullest extent, Dolphin Zero also will never collect, store or share any of the subsequent information:

  • Browser History
  • Form Data
  • input file
  • Passwords
  • Cached Data and Files
  • Favicons
  • User Address Book
  • Cookies
  • Location Information

It’s a simple browser, allowing you to browse the mobile web with quick loading speed and exceptional privacy.

Explanation of Permissions

Flash player

  • Get the simplest gaming and HD video experience with Flash player for Android support on Dolphin Browser.

Adblock (pop up blocker)

  • Dolphin Browser is one among the simplest Adblock Browser.
  • With Adblocker, you’ll block popups, ads, banners & ad-videos.

Multiple tabs bar

  • It displays your open tabs, and allows you to switch between them by swiping and browse the online as PC Browser & desktop browser.

Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar

  • It are often accessed by swiping to the proper and shows your bookmarks and browsing history.
  • Swiping to the left to enjoy the simplest services with add-ons like Video Downloader, Web to PDF and Dolphin Translate, etc.

Incognito/private browsing

  • Dolphin Browser may be a secure browser that gives you real private browsing experience without leaving any history, cookies traces, cache, etc..

Personalized search

  • Easily switch program with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, etc.

Fast download

  • Download HTML5, Flash videos and more with blazing fast speed from the web with video downloader.
  • you’ll also easily delete or move downloaded files within the file manager.


  • Sync your history, bookmarks, and passwords.
  • Plus, easily open and push tabs and websites across Android, iPhone, iPad, mobile & pc browser including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari using Dolphin Connect.

Clean UI and fast navigation

  • You can add your most visited websites as speed dial icons with a pleasant interface and one-touch access.


  • Access the web by creating a private Gesture for websites and customary features. for instance , drawing a letter “B” to travel to Bing.


  • Dolphin Browser gives you an actual browser you’ll ask .
  • Use your voice to look without typing, even with Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo.


  • Customize theme colors & wallpapers to personalize your browser.

Dolphin Zero Update

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Thank you for your continued support.
  • we’ll start to optimize it again.



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