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Description Drive Zone Online: car race

  • Drive Zone Online you get behind the wheel of a car and explore with your friends a huge online world where you can find places like a real city, narrow streets, a port, a huge! Deserts and Abandoned Hangars! Super Drive Zone Online graphics create the most realistic image of the game for your mobile phone.
  • A single player campaign is available where you can meet new cars and follow the story.
  • You can participate in online skill tests with other players.
  • Play online races with other players, create your own servers and perform various stunts.
  • For those who like to be creative there is a new car tuning editor to create your own skins, tuning and unique cars! a fleet of vehicles in your garage from a variety of cars from all over the world and from all eras.

Drive Zone Online is:

  • A game about beautiful cars, miles of roads, engine noise and driving pleasure.
  • Realistic locations and roads, fair racing rules and meticulously modeled racing cars from around the world!
  • Here you are free to choose what you are doing and which races you want to participate in: drift, circuit and city racing, skill tests, car stunts and sandbox! Attention players!
  • Drive Zone Online is in early beta testing, at the moment a large number of features in the game have been disabled, which will be gradually introduced into the game.



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