Durango: Wild Lands – Android Game

The description of Durango: Wild Lands

  • Durango is that the next evolution of fully-featured MMOs on mobile!
  • This open world MMO helps you to expertise the complete freedom to move a colossal, prehistoric land full of dinosaurs.
  • Adventure through the Wild Lands, play your means, explore, craft and forge a brand new life and civilization.
  • This prehistoric MMO takes you to a mysterious land of dinosaurs.
  • In this geological period journey, you’re crooked from your world into metropolis.
  • Discover an expensive prehistoric surroundings interspersed with modern things cryptically transported to the present world.
  • Tame dinosaurs, fight in epic battles against rival clans and develop a brand new civilization aboard your fellow pioneers.
  • Hunt and gather each trendy and native resources around you to help in your survival.
  • Explore and embrace your inner pioneer to cultivate and evolve the Brobdingnagian and dangerous geographic region of metropolis by selecting your own path to act with the planet and different players!
  • Adventure through intractable Wild Lands full of dinosaurs in Durango!


Durango: Wild Lands


Open World Game

  • Explore a colossal, prehistoric open world full of nice dinosaurs, made environments and islands swarming with numerous flora and fauna
  • journey and embrace your inner pioneer exploitation your wits and therefore the resources from the land
  • Discover sprawling islands with varied environments and additional valuable content
  • Explore and settle down in Personal, Tamed and Civilized Islands — gather, hunt, craft, cook, farm, build, and expand your domain and abilities
  • Explore Unstable Islands full of valuable resources, tameable dinosaurs, and secrets

Online MMO

  • Multiplayer options allow you to work along to form a kindred, coordinate with teammates and create sprawling villages
  • Play on-line with and vie against different clans – seek out nice dinosaurs in Raid Islands and have interaction in PvP and kindred Battles
  • Explore and conquer Savage Islands to collect higher resources and battle enemy clans for management over the ever-expanding world
  • Enter a dinosaur-filled multiplayer world – transfer metropolis today!

Device Information

  • suggested Spec: android OS 6 or higher / Galaxy S7 or higher
  • Minimum Spec: android OS 4.4 or higher / Galaxy S5 or higher
  • RAM 2GB or higher

Smartphone Application Permissions Information

  • Durango requests bound permissions to produce the subsequent services.

Optional Permissions

  • Optional permission does not affect gameplay.
  • Camera: needed to use the Player Focus Check feature.
  • Photos: Attaching screenshots for customer service
  • Microphone: Mic access to use voice chat
  • Phone: to gather phone numbers to send promotional text messages
  • Camera: Required to use the Player Focus Check feature.
  • You will play the sport even though you do not trust nonobligatory Permissions.

How to Withdraw Permissions

  • Android 6.0 and above: Settings > Apps > Select Permissions > Permission List > Accept/revoke permissions
  • Below android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to withdraw permissions, or delete the app.
  • If the sport doesn’t provide individual consent for every permission, you’ll be able to revoke permissions once installation by following the directions higher than.



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