Gigapixel AI – Topaz Labs – Full Version Download

Gigapixel AI – Topaz Labs

  • Topaz AI Gigapixel is an incredibly useful tool that deploys the facility of AI computing and machine learning to enable users of all knowledge levels to simply upscale their digital photos by 600% without the loss of image quality.
  • so far enlarging of your digital photos always introduced strong visual artifacts, large blocks of pixels, loss of knowledge , and usually unappealing pictures that would not be easily used for online sharing, use in professional projects, or maybe long-term storing.
  • It’s AI-powered upscale removes blur, unrealistic painterly look, and restores lost detail that that resembles because it has just come from a high-resolution professional camera.
  • The app can handle enlargement of images of all sizes, including those captured from your professional camera, mobile , drone footage, and other sources.
  • The end-result image are often immediately be exported to be used in professional photo editing apps.
  • To start using it today, you’ll either purchase a lifetime license for unrestricted personal and commercial use or test the app thoroughly via the available FREE TRIAL.

Gigapixel AI - Topaz Labs - Full Version Download

Installation and Use

  • Even though Topaz AI Gigapixel is merely focused on extracting most of the available data and implementing additional image elements from your digital images, the installation package of the app is surprisingly large.
  • It surpasses the dimensions of 1 GB! this suggests that download and installation could last a short time , but thankfully the stunning effectiveness of the app makes the wait worthwhile .
  • While the app can run on the minimally recommended PC configuration of 8GB of RAM and 2 GB of video memory, developers recommend giving the app the foremost hardware resources you’ve got in order that its algorithms can do their work as fast as possible.
  • Topaz AI Gigapixel is optimized for work on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Features and Highlights

  • Scale your digital images to 600% without losing object details!
  • Resize images to new preferred sizes.
  • Image scaling powered by the most recent AI and machine learning algorithms.
  • Give new life to your old digital photos! Make them presentable for online sharing or use in your work projects.
  • Transform the pictures taken from your professional camera, mobile , drone, or the other source.
  • Built-in support for batch image scaling.

Gigapixel AI - Topaz Labs - Full Version Download

What’s new during this version

Major features:

  • Resizing with physical dimensions (inches, centimeters, and PPI) has been reworked to be more intuitive and straightforward to use.


  • When changing width or height supported inches or centimeters, the image pixel size now correctly changes.
  • Physical dimensions now update correctly when resizing the image supported scale.
  • PPI text has been changed to “Pixels Per Inch” or “Pixels Per Centimeter” supported which unit is chosen .
  • Pixels per unit metadata now correctly gets written out, so opening the image in other programs will now correctly read what the physical dimensions are.
  • Changing the pixels per unit not changes the physical width/height.
  • Menus on Windows are changed to a lighter color in order that they don’t blend into the background.


  • When multiple images are open and just one is chosen , the “Selected” text within the right panel not overflows.
  • the proper panel not overflows when using custom application scaling modes on Windows.
  • Buttons now correctly highlight and gray call at the merchandise Tour.



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