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The description of Hold Me Closer

  • An action-platformer, with a story shown in fragments throughout the sport .
  • A journey through a mother’s denial of her grief, as she brings home her memories of her child.
  • You play as Mother whose goal is to bring glowing orbs back home crammed with memories from better days.
  • You traverse the everchanging forest where you’ll meet twisted enemies, gaping cliffs, and giant toys blocking your way.
  • You undergo the planet by outrunning your enemies, hiding from them, and pushing anybody and anything that stands in your way.

Development team:

  • Sebastian Sommerstedt Andresen, Lead Programmer
  • Jakob Baldwin, CG Artist
  • Kresta Louise Febro Bonita, Project Manager
  • Marusa Gorjup, art director
  • Nicolai Bach Hansen, Game Programmer
  • Jakob Elkjær Husted, Game Programmer
  • Robert Kivac, CG Artist
  • Jonas Foged Kristensen, Audio Designer
  • Emil Elias Lohse, Game & Level Designer
  • Thomas Noes Mikkelsen, Game & Level Designer
  • Mózes Adorján Mikó, QA & UR
  • Jannik Anker Iskov Helsen Neerdal, Game Programmer
  • Nana Jørly Sørensen, Game Director

>> Special thanks to our playtesters and DADIU.

Hold Me Closer Update

  • Set default graphics to Low (no shadows), as shadows cause crashes on some phones.
  • To vary the graphics, simply go the settings menu and press the specified graphics option.
  • If the sport crashes, simply re-install the sport and play on Low.



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