Horror Forest 3: MMO RPG Zombie Survival

The description of Horror Forest 3

  • Welcome, stranger, to the sole one open-world MMORPG zombie shooter on Google Play.
  • Prepare for cutting, slashing and smashing zombies, mutants and other toxic creatures during this unique open-world MMORPG zombie shooter!
  • Learn how to maneuver quickly, fight deadly, craft smart, level up and upgrade your character, unlock weapons, boost your skills and claim customization skins.
  • Force the undead evil alone or in 8-player multiplayer drop-in/drop-out PvE mode. Or, if you would like to be an outright leader, challenge everyone in PvP mode to attain and become number #1 within the global ranking.
  • The world is collapsing. The disease is spreading. You’re one among the last who survive. But you’ve got only a wooden stick in your hand. Fortunately, you’ll make it.
  • Fight for your life  scavenge some goods  buy better weapons and equipment  complete various quests  help your friends or strangers in PvE mode  or hunt them down in PvP battles  check daily and time challenges  inspect what’s happening in your hideout, where you’ll meet new foes or simply relax for a short time  repeat!

What’s within the game?

  • open-world MMORPG zombie shooter game: one among a sort in Google Play
  • story: experience deep plot a few post-apocalyptic world and be the a part of history
  • TPP camera and large , battle royal-like maps: creates a singular , remarkable experience
  • up to 8-player multiplayer: slash zombies together in PvE or slain everybody in PvP modes
  • explore the planet and hunt: zombies, undead, mutant-rats and other disgusting creatures
  • socialize: take care of your hideout, meet brothers-in-arms and make a hearth to feel safer
  • level up: during fights, completing quests, grinding and other daily or time challenges
  • fancy wardrobe: be yourself, stealth ninja, battle commando or colorful rabbit
  • gear up: buy various deadly weapons, melee, pistols, machine guns, rifles, and heavy guns
  • exclusive skins: each rag or weapon has few unique skins, change outfit anytime you would like
  • log in & log out: anytime, anywhere with anyone, it’s the right game for brief and long runs
  • audiovisual masterpiece: experience stunning, high-quality visuals and intense music
  • Join the community of last survivors and download ‘Horror Forest 3’ right now! the simplest and therefore the only open-world MMORPG zombie shooter on Google Play.

Horror Forest 3 Update

  • buff: Increased materials and gold return from dismantling weapons
  • new: Dismantling also refunds used schematics
  • new: Added option for selling unlocked lvl 1 weapons
  • new: Red enemies now deal more damage and receive less
  • nerf: Greatly reduced weakspot damage
  • qol: Greatly reduced gold drops variance
  • qol: Added on-screen quest indicator
  • misc: Added more anti-cheat measures



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