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Description Lost Light – PVPVE

  • Join the “Firefly” task force and unveil the sinister plot behind the exclusion zone. Survive the brutal domain where humanity ceases to prevail and danger lurks in every corner!
  • The world of Lost Light abides by the rule of “high risk-high return.” You could either sneak your way around and scavenge for supplies or go out with guns blazing and plunder like a warlord.
  • Upgrading and trading are also essential to build up your strength and keep your enemies at bay Armed to the teeth or be a minimalist in the next mission? Each decision will affect your chances of survival in Lost Light. And that’s the way warfare is.


  • Scavenge for resources and trade your way to a fortune.
  • Build your shelter and survive the post-apocalypse.


  • Come out with guns blazing or go stealth? Armed to the teeth or keep a low profile?
  • Your tactics could mean life or death!But remember, if you die in combat, you lose everything—the loots are not yours until you make it out alive!


  • Realistic modifications and full customization offer thousands of possibilities.
  • You’ll find the perfect firearm no matter your playstyle!


  • Co-op with four friends, wreak havoc, return to safety, and bring home the loot!

Cross-Platform Play

  • PC gamers can now feel the exhilaration of battle. Players on mobile devices and PC will be able to chat with one another for a cross-platform gaming experience.
  • Form parties across the different platforms to complete more challenges and achieve the impossible!
  • Download now and play for free — Experience the thrill TODAY!


  • [Available Worldwide] Lost Light has kicked off its grand launch worldwide. Log in to the game to get many awesome rewards! More game features are also waiting for you to explore!
  • [Female Firefly Report for Duty] The long-awaited female firefly character has joined the operation!
  • [New Firearms in the Armory] New firearms available! The rapid-fire submachine gun—Vector, and the assault rifle—L85A
  • [Firearm Stats Overhaul] Complete update to the firearm stats. A brand new five measurements system!
  • [New Gameplay: Protection against Pheromone] Work with other Fireflies to collect and turn in essential supplies. Protect yourself from pheromone outbreaks and survive in the arduous Exclusion Zone!





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