Mimicry: Online Horror Action – Android Game Download

The description of Mimicry

  • Feel like a powerful monster! Deceive people so you do not reveal yourself. Destroy your entire team of fortified musketeers!
  • In this online horror game you can play with your musketeers in a platoon of over to 9 people.
  • One of you’ll be infected by an alien critter that will make him a monster.
  • This player will be suitable to take the form of a mortal, a monster, or transfigure into any killed player.
  • Your team’s task is to leave the position before the monster kills everyone.
  • The monster’s task is to exclude all the players and not let himself be burnt.


  • Real- time communication in voice converse
  • Unique monsters that can transfigure into any player
  • Wide character customization- face, hair, clothes
  • Variety of charts and locales
  • Caliginous atmosphere, unforeseen hassles with a monster
  • Each game isn’t like the former one
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Mimicry Update

  • Musketeers, hello! In this update
  • Character upgrade system has been added!
  • Fixed numerous bugs monster getting wedged, problems with the network, problems with the camera, etc.
  • Bettered armament balance
  • Musketeers system is nearly ready, will be in the coming update! Please appreciate our sweats.





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