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Proton Bus Simulator

Proton Bus Simulator

  • Welcome to Proton Bus 2020 Edition!
  • It’s still a beta with several stuff being additional, there are dozens of latest features!
  • Three years once the primary edition, launched in 2017, we tend to ar achieving outstanding steps with this mobile bus machine.
  • The modding system for buses is now more advanced, supporting many animations for buttons, rain, wipers, windows and so on.
  • The community created already many buses, and there ar additional to come!
  • We will release many new buses as mods soon, there are some being created during this year.
  • If we tend to place all buses that we’ve got within the sport it might get terribly vast and nobody plays with all vehicles… thus as a mod you retain just those that you simply just like the most, therefore saving area.
  • All old non animated buses were not included in this editon, they will be relaunched as mods over the next few months.
  • We ar operating terribly laborious to realize map modding support on golem too!
  • During 2020 there’ll be some updates conveyance new options for map mod creators.
  • Currently there ar basic support while not individuals and cars.
  • With fan content we tend to may have many new bus routes!
  • Forget about the old style font of 101C and therefore the dangerous roads!
  • These previous routes ar still gift, but with a huge focus on custom map creation, they will be something of the past soon.
  • This machine is FREE with some extras for PAID USERS.
  • You may play with it forever within the free version, we do not wish your cash simply because of the money itself.
  • Pay as long as you actually LIKE this project and perceive its development method.
  • Paid users will not see any ads, and can gain access to some exclusive options, including virtual mirrors, cruise control (automatic acceleration at certain speed), screenshot capturing in 360 degree etc.
  • Almost all other features are completely free. Almost all buses are free too.
  • It is more a simulator than a game.
  • So we tend to don’t care regarding points, checkpoints, blah blah blah.
  • Just devour the bus you wish and drive.
  • Since it’s a posh machine, there are several controls and much of settings.
  • Please, watch some video or tutorial on-line before grumbling regarding it.
  • Most of the complaints are easily solved.
  • For example, press N before selecting the gear to move the bus.
  • Don’t forget to release the parking brake. Some options may cause undesired behaviour. Please read carefuly settings descriptions before enabling an specific option.
  • Some work best on some devices, whereas others do not.
  • This project is available for PC and Android.
  • On PCs the graphics quality is best because of the powerful hardware that they typically have.
  • There ar several settings that you just might amendment to enhance performance.
  • It needs a contemporary middle or high finish device, with an enormous quantity of RAM memory (preferably four GB or more).
  • If it doesn’t play well on your device, please strive older versions or play a touch bit with settings.
  • There is a identified downside with 64-bit applications created with Unity for golem.
  • If you experience bad framerates on your device, you may download the 32-bit apk from our website. It may be faster sometimes.
  • We will be focusing additional on the core updates, specially regarding modding support.
  • This machine is awe-inspiring with mods, imagine it without them for a second…
  • You may download mods just by searching for Proton Bus mods or by acessing the button inside the game.
  • To install mods you want to use a file manager.
  • Don’t worry, the community may help you.
  • Find additional regarding this mega project at busmods.com or on the main Facebook groups.
  • Currently most advanced options ar tested on a Samsung Galaxy S9, and basic ones on a J7 Prime.
  • It is not appropriate for older phones with but a pair of GB of RAM, but you may try it by manually the via apk/obb, without any guarantee.
  • Screenshots shown were taken on a Galaxy J7 Prime exploitation the “good settings” button.

Proton Bus Simulator Update

    • Some fixes to save a little bit of RAM.
    • They are back! Old non animated buses are back in this version. They will be removed in the future to save more space, becoming animated mods.
    • The PBS thay you know and love, but prepared for the future! Second step of bus mods with animations, rain, windows, buttons… Map modding support in its first stage! Virtual mirrors, cruise control, retarder brake, screenshots in 360 degree, new passengers and vehicles for AI traffic, and much more!



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