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The description of PUBG: NEW STATE

The Original Battle Royale

  • Drop into PUBG: NEW STATE, the most recent title by PUBG Studio, the creators of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.
  • Using diverse weapons and tactics, 100 survivors will bully off until just one player or team remains standing.
  • With an ever-shrinking Blue Zone, players must find weapons, vehicles, and consumables to realize the whip hand .
  • Only the strongest will emerge because the “”Lone Survivor”” during this epic showdown.

Ultra-Realistic Graphics that Push the bounds of Mobile Gaming

  • Graphics that surpass the quality of mobile gaming with Global Illumination technology.
  • Drop into massive open worlds that feature the foremost realistic graphics available for mobile gaming.
  • With next-generation mobile graphics, PUBG: NEW STATE delivers the complete battle royale experience straight into players’ hands.

Realistic and Dynamic Gunplay

  • Enjoy realistic gunplay optimized for mobile gaming.
  • Master different weapons and make each of them your own with weapon customization.

Next Generation Survival

  • Enjoy a spread of tools and features, including drones, combat rolls, and more.
  • Explore massive 8×8 km open worlds with a spread of vehicles.
  • Utilize a spread of weapons so as to swing the battle in your favor for a more immersive battle royale experience.

Expanding the PUBG Universe

  • Set within the near future, years have passed since the first game.
  • In 2051, anarchy rules as numerous factions battle one another .
  • The competition has evolved into a replacement battleground featuring state-of-the-art technology that needs survivors to adopt new tactics to survive.

Smartphone access permission notification

[Required access permissions]

  • STORAGE: Access is required so as to put in and store data for the sport .

[Optional access permissions]

  • MICROPHONE: Access is required to use in-game voice chat features.

[How to get rid of access permissions]

Android 6.0 or higher

  • Removing access per feature: Settings>Applications>More (Settings and Controls)>App Settings>App access>Select access permission>Select remove access
  • Removing access per application: Settings>Applications>Select app>Select access permission>Select remove access

Android 5.1.1 or lower

  • Removing the appliance is that the only thanks to remove access permission due to the restrictions of the OS .
  • We recommend that you simply update the Android OS version.

[Product Information and Terms of Use]

  • Additional costs are going to be charged upon paid items purchases.
  • Period and Terms of Use: Follows details stated within the game
    (Will assume that the amount are going to be until service termination should there be no separate date stated)
  • Payments and payment methods: Follows separate payment amount and method stated per product
    (Payment amount may change supported currency exchange rates and fess should payments be made during a foreign currency)
  • Product distribution method: Immediate distribution to the in-game ID(character)
  • Minimum device sepcifications: Android 6.0 or higher, 2.5GB RAM





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