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The description of Share Notification

  • This app is to share you and your alternative members’ notifications in one place. You can share any of put in apps and system apps notifications.
  • Most of the folks use for social media (like messenger, twitter, instagram, tiktok, etc.), banking, messaging, incoming decision and others.
  • Trigger sniffing attack permanently purpose or learning, you’ll sniffing your victim steps like chatting, who is asking him, messaging.
  • Your login info is safe, you don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning your login information, we have a tendency to don’t show up your login info on screen.
  • Simply you can close up the sharing service as you want. If you wish to watch alternative notifications only, you ought to close up the Listen Notification switch in app setting.
  • You will save specific notifications to indicate up. Query your knowledge with notification’ title and specific app.

User Guide

1.First of all, you’ve got to login with any ways Google, Facebook or Email Password.(Note: you’ve got to login with a similar account in other(victim or members) device to monitor or share notifications. Example- if you’re login with shinewanna@gmail.com account in your phone, you have to additionally login with shinewanna@gmail.com account in victim account to monitor or share notifications)

2.Then, opt for that apps you wish to concentrate or monitor in victim device. If you’d wish to solely monitor, you’ll skip the step in your device. You don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning the step, you can select once more in “Setting”.

3.After that, if you wouldn’t like to share your notifications, then you can turn out the “Listening Notifications” in your device, however keep activate in victim device.

4.If you would like to get notification on your victim get notifications, you can switch on the “Notifications” in “Setting” in your device to urge notified by app.


  • Dark Mode, Language(English, Myanmar, Tamil)
  • internet Support: you’ll currently additionally monitor from web. If you’re a laptop user, this may be a large support for you. you’ll merely login your account and monitor simply from below link.
  • web site Link – https://shinewanna.github.io/sharenotification
  • Note: once reboot, a number of the devices don’t seem to be listen notifications once more. If notifications are not listening for your device, please close up and on again the Notification Access from “Notification Access Permission” in Share Notification settings. You don’t have to be compelled to rummage around for it, you’ll simply close up and on from our app settings.
  • Send Maine a mail, if you’d wish to understand any of the items and feedback are welcome.

Share Notification Update

  • Take away unwanted loading
  • UI bug fix





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