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The description of Special Warfare

  • Special Warfare is a modern warfare independent FPS game developed by battle fire studio.
  • The multiplayer on-line battle shooting sport makes use of PBR material, HDR effect, extremely HD texture, actual-time lights rendering, and the sport has very stunning mild and shadow effects.
  • In the multiplayer mode, randomly be part of the 6 camps (Delta troops, mercenaries, SEALs, navy, unique police, terrorists), extra than 50 varieties of cutting-edge weapons, and revel in the hearty struggle with the players.
  • In zombie mode, you may use a weapon on your hand to kill a zombie navy inflamed with a biochemical virus.
  • The historical past of the sport has been set in the fast development of cutting-edge biotechnology.
  • Politics and navy are managed through a few bio-valves.
  • In order to compete for the conflicts in numerous areas, biochemical virus leaks purpose a huge location of ​​infection, darkness falls, and the houses in reminiscence are mutated.
  • The zombie invasion, the sector is in a bloody killing, the mysterious enterprise fashioned a unique conflict unit to combat for the destiny of mankind.

game features

  • Fast-paced on-line sport, you may pick to go into the server in one of a kind areas of the sector, single-participant be part of zombie mode.
  • five multiplayer struggle modes, consisting of crew deathmatch, melee, fingers race, pistol competition, knife struggle mode, you may additionally create your very own room, and make your very own regulations on-line together along with your friends.
  • eight multi-character maps, subway stations, parking lots, cities, towns, bases, warehouses, tropical islands and different one of a kind styles, attempt to win with one of a kind tactics.
  • 50 weapons, consisting of attack rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, heavy device guns, flame launchers, chainsaws, RPG rocket launchers, pistols, melee weapons, grenades, smoke bombs, incendiary bombs, flash bombs.
  • Weapons may be custom designed with stunning camouflage skin.
  • Perfect image effect, actual bodily trajectory, high-quality capturing feel.
  • Single participant and laptop AI venture exercises.

Special Warfare Update

  • Fix some bugs
  • Add weapon backpack
  • Optimization AI





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