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Star Wars: Hunters™

  • Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, the brilliant lighting of The Arena burst into lifestyles and provide new heroes a platform to polish throughout the galaxy. Located deep in the Outer Rim on this planet of Vespaara and broadcast a long way and huge at the HoloNet, the memories and legends of battles which have described galactic records are added to lifestyles to entertain audiences and create champions searching for reputation and fortune on this new gladiatorial spectacle.
  • The Arena brings collectively all-new, specific Hunters from throughout the Star Wars galaxy every with larger-than-lifestyles personas, wealthy undiscovered pasts and ability units that cause them to ambitious combatants.
  • Gear up for conflict selecting from a roster of recent characters, which include nefarious bounty hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, Imperial stormtroopers, and the whole thing in between. Outclass fighters with the aid of using studying superior abilities, skills and techniques whilst preventing it out in excessive 4v4 third-man or woman fight and dominating fighters on the street to reputation in The Arena.
  • Customize every Hunter with the aid of using accumulating and equipping them with a laugh and specific costumes, animations, and weapon appearances, making for an outstanding competitor that sticks out at the battlefield and is prepared to project for glory.
  • Dazzle The Arena’s crowd, competing throughout a couple of PVP sport modes; inside Escort, protection and assault skills are critical because the crew want to paintings collectively to securely escort the payload earlier than their enemies defeat them. In Control, groups conflict it out to defeat each other and take manipulate of the imperative goal region till the time runs out. Each battlefield set in The Grand Arena on Vespaara conjures up iconic Star Wars locales together with Tatooine, Hoth and Endor.


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