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  • We aim to create a fantastic experience for ordering custom products.
  • Wasting time sucks. that’s why we relentlessly specialise in making it fast and straightforward to order custom products. Order in seconds and obtain your products in days.
  • Free proofs, free artwork help, free shipping and fast turnaround are why people love us.
  • We are powered by a foreign team across 17 countries.
  • Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and 17 countries, but we’re all united by a shared set of values.
  • We happily work from the us , Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and therefore the UK.
  • We ship to awesome customers worldwide.
  • Each year we ship worldwide to thousands of consumers in 70+ countries. along side available free worldwide shipping, we support 16 unique languages and seven currencies (ARS, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, MXN, and USD).
  • Add multiple items to your cart and obtain discounts.
  • Save more once you add multiple items, designs, and products to your cart at an equivalent time.
  • We automatically calculate your discount and savings supported the entire amount of fabric and labor required to process your order.


  • Trace may be a free tool from Sticker Mule to get rid of the background from your photos instantly.
  • Trace uses AI and machine learning to get rid of the background with precision. It works with complex details like hair, fur and particles.
  • Trace currently accepts any enter PNG or JPEG format.
  • Trace currently supports images with a file size of up to 12 megabytes.
  • There isn’t! Signup is required to use Trace then you’ll download your image at no cost and use it to get any of our awesome products.
  • The accuracy of background removal depends on the clarity of the foreground (person, animal, car, or object). Currently, it’s impossible to form adjustments directly within the Trace editor.
  • If you’re using your image to order a custom product, we will make adjustments during proofing as long because the background remains transparent.



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