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The description of Teetiny

  • Charming, easy-on-the- eyes cartoon- style picture!
  • We invite you to join us in the world of TeeTiny Online, a playground for comers from each over the world.
  • Be a part of our beta test in March!


  • Freely Changeable Classes
    Switch your armament to change your class!
    Choose the class that stylish fits your strategy.
  • A Single Global Garçon for All
    Cooperate with and contend against players from each over the world in one place.
  • Casing
    With uniquely themed decorations for outside and outdoors
    Embellish and expand your space to your relish!
  • Guardian Spirits
    Collect Guardian Spirits that accompany you into battle!
    Grow together as a platoon!
  • Go to our sanctioned community point
  • Go to our sanctioned YouTube channel
  • Contact Client Support

Optional Permissions

  • Storehouse requested when uploading files saved in the stoner’s device to the sanctioned community point or Client Support.



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