Video Compressor Panda: Resize & Compress Video

The description of Video Compressor Panda

  • Panda Video Compressor will make your video smaller in fast, easy and fun way.
  • you’ll be surprised by the ultimate video quality.
  • This video compressor app allows you to send videos even in e-mail. We’re not joking.
  • Video resizer is in a position to compress your video to size allowed by e-mail providers and fit video to instagram!

Did you experience video size problem like

  • struggle to send video via email, text?
  • struggle to share video?
  • struggle to upload and fit videos on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Discord, WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, VKontakte, and KakaoTalk?
  • your phone is out of space?
  • expensive mobile data?
  • the way to compress video and maintain good quality?
  • reduce video size (file size)?
  • compress 4k video?
  • fit video to instagram?

We have an answer . Install Panda Video Compressor and obtain obviate those issues!

Panda Video Compressor will assist you to

  • compress video and send it via email, text
  • upload/share your videos to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Discord, WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, VKontakte, and KakaoTalk.
  • save space on your phone, tablet, within the cloud
  • reduce mobile data usage
  • fit video to instagram
  • compress video file size
  • and far more

Supported video resizer formats

  • mp4, avi, mkv, flv, rmvb, 3gp, mpeg, wmv, mov and video fit instagram.
  • Big video files are an enormous problem for each mobile user, who wants to share and upload videos. This video compression app helps you.

Compress video files to send via email

  • Video compressor is additionally an app to resize video for email.
  • Would you wish to share your video via email, but your video size is just too large? Reduce video size using the choice “Fit to email” – sending video via email has never been easier.
  • Email inboxes are often limited and there’s an outsized need for resizing videos.
  • Panda Video Compressor reduces videos right down to the precise size (MB) you would like without affecting the standard of video.

Free up space on the device

  • Videos are important, but space on a smartphone is restricted .
  • Stop deleting your favorite videos, apps to release space.
  • Use Panda video compressor to resize videos and compress videos ;).
  • Panda Video compressor will reduce the dimensions of your videos, in order that your smartphone or memory card won’t keep running out of space.

Reduce data usage

  • Would you wish to share your video, but your data is restricted , and you can’t afford a far better data pack? this is often especially relevant once you are abroad.
  • You don’t have access to Wi-Fi, but you continue to want to share a video or fit video to instagram? Just compress video or shrink video file size with Panda Video Compressor.
  • This video resizer app will save your data usage.

Share videos when your signal is weak

  • Have you ever tried to share an outsized video file, but your signal was weak, and you were unable to upload an excellent video? Panda video compressor app will assist you to upload size-reduced videos.
  • does one know that Video Resizer will resize your video without losing quality? Just download the Panda Video Compressor and begin compressing video sizes for social media channels.
  • Start compressing videos and reduce video size to suit video to instagram – follow simple steps, compress video and save space both on your phone and within the cloud.
  • don’t hesitate to video compress using our shrink video app!

Video Compressor Panda Update

  • Fixed: Compression errors.
  • Added: ALBUMS tab to simplify video selection.
  • Added: Sorting by “File Size”, Date, “File Name”.

If you wish Panda Video and need to offer something back, please leave a review within the Google Play Store. It really helps. Thank you!



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