ARKNET: Singularity – Stealth Action Adventure

The description of ARKNET

  • ARKNET: Singularity may be a top down stealth action adventure game. You’ll get on a search to free mankind from the clutches of an evil artificial intelligence!
  • At first, you control only an easy drone of the system, but you quickly gain undreamt-of powers through the influence of an intruder. Using your newly gained power allows you to advance further and further into the corrupted ARKNET and reveal truth threat to humanity! within the not thus far future our development of AI has progressed in an ever growing speed bringing A.I near the horizon of Singularity, which results in unprecedented challenges to all or any humanity!
  • This game thrives on your ability to quickly switch from action packed sequences to skill based puzzle challenges. Use stealth and insidious SECMODs to beat your enemies to reveal a very gripping plot that brings a breeze of fresh air into sci-fi story games.


  • The corrupted SECUNITS of the ARKNET have the order from their master to terminate any intruder that’s detected. Through skillful maneuvering you’ll avoid their vigilant sensors.


  • SECMODs are special skills that allow you to approach the challenges of the ARKNET in several ways.
  • Destroy masses of SECUNITs together with your powerful Dash Pulse or hide your presence with the Cloak, the selection is yours!


  • In over 80 levels you’ll not only rush from one exciting challenge to subsequent , but also experience a captivating storyline that reveals the horrid truth which lies within the ARKNET.


  • ARKNET: Singularity features a gripping plot to get , comprising the difficulty of technological singularity and its lurking threats.
  • During this sci-fi setting you’ll be invited to immerse yourself during a topic that has become a cultural phenomenon in our world.


  • Amazing top down 3D graphics to convey an immersive experience
  • Explore a huge cyberspace setting, as you dig deep into the foremost menacing version of the web humanity has ever seen.
  • A unique genre mash-up with stealth, action, adventure and puzzle elements which are each challenging in their own way
  • Choose your playstyle while approaching each challenge differently.
  • SECMODS will provide you with powerful tools to beat your enemies and obstacles
  • Explore the ARKNET and unveil a gripping plot during this adventure for mobile devices


  • Based on your numerous feedbacks we decided that the sport in its current state needs some significant changes to satisfy our high expectations.
  • Therefore there’ll be no updates for the nonce until we are through with these changes by mid December. Thanks for your patience.
  • Added more levels to Region 3
  • Removed Ads completely
  • Removed In-App purchases temporarily
  • Improved performance
  • Bugfixes



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