Death Park 2: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

The description of Death Park 2

  • Start your adventure in one among the simplest scary games and creepy horror games!
  • In the horror you’ll end up during a creepy city crammed with secrets, monsters, and adventure.
  • Take an action and save your sister from Pennywise the clown, determine the mystery of Death Park and therefore the origin of the scary clown!
  • Are you able to fight your nightmares and various monsters that have flooded Farland? are you able to deal with all puzzles that await you during this horror story?
  • You have to go to 8 huge locations including streets, hospital, cemetery, sewer, and military base. you’ll be ready to move between the important world and therefore the world of sleep to unravel riddles and fight a scary clown and various monsters.
  • We paid special attention to puzzles now they need two difficulty levels, also puzzles themselves change with every adventure! attempt to complete Death Park 2 with challenging puzzles! Only a couple of players are ready to roll in the hay .
  • If you’re keen on fantasy and such scary games as Silent Hill, Dead Space, Evil Nun and Granny – you ought to definitely like our horror!
  • There are many endings in our shooter, and your survival and therefore the outcome of the story depend upon your decisions and actions. are you able to unlock all the endings of the thriller?

Features of Death Park 2

  • Really scary clown Pennywise, various monsters and weapons
  • 8 endings: the result depends on you!
  • Unique puzzles with two difficulty levels
  • Huge world: the entire city with 8 different locations
  • Excellent graphics
  • Original author’s soundtrack
  • the last word horror experience: intense gameplay, sudden screamers and a horrific atmosphere
  • Download one among the highest horror games and you’ll be satisfied! Adventure, monsters, an enormous map and, most significantly , the scary Clown Pennywise await you during this scary survival horror shooter for free! Have a pleasant play, friend!

Death Park Update

  • Friends, hello to everyone from Russia! ✌
  • In this small update we’ve improved the achievements system – now they’re synchronized with Google Play, and also fixed minor bugs.
  • We are already preparing the ultimate battle and new endings for you!
  • We really need your support – just leave your feedback.
  • Enjoy the sport everyone!



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