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The description of Bigfoot

  • Bigfoot is a safe, easy-to-use, and ad-free game assistant for several mobile games.
  • It’s also a useful in-game assist tool which will enhance the gaming experience and helps everyone play better.
  • Among all of them, Bigfoot offers specific functions for games, especially battle royale and shooting games, like cod mobile, pubg mobile, fortnite, pokemon go, roblox, free fire, coc, etc. More customized functions are going to be added. Please stay tuned.

Highlight Features

Game Highlights & Kill Shot Compilation

  • Auto-record game highlight in call of duty mobile & brawl stars.
  • Auto-create your kill shot compilation, one tap to form a shooting games blockbuster
  • Record any games you’re twiddling with the screen record function, like pubg mobile & fortnite.
  • Make simple revisions with the video edit function.
  • Save and share cod mobile, brawl stars or the other mobile games videos to any social networks.

Customized Crosshair

  • Customize the form and color of the crosshair in fps games, supporting call of duty mobile, pubg mobile, fortnite and free fire.
  • Enhance gaming experience with customized crosshairs for shooting games or gun games.

Full Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

  • Level guide in words, photos, and guide videos for games like roblox, homescapes, gardenscapes, etc.
  • Weapon guide and map tips for shooting games or gun games like cod mobile.
  • Specific card guide for clash royale and troops, spells, building intro for clash of clans.
  • Full Pokédex for pokémon go.

My Story & Game Data

  • All of your mobile game playing data are going to be presented for a minimum of a fortnight.
  • Record your game moments & highlights automatically, especially for cod mobile, fortnite, pokémon go, brawl stars, etc.

Resource Map for Battle Royale Games

  • Advanced resource map for battle royale players in pubg mobile, free fire, and knives out.
  • Assist fps games players to seek out the simplest loot locations and obtain advanced loots easily.
  • See detailed loot guide with clear markers showing where loots are whenever you open the battle royale map.

Poké Trade & Pokédex

  • A pokemon trade platform for pokemon go players.
  • Easy to seek out pokemon you would like and exchange with other trainers.
  • Find the pokemon on the Poké trade list, then send messages to talk and make a pokemon trade.
  • Full and detailed Pokédex for pokemon go.

Top Layouts & Build a Clan with a faucet

  • Various clash of clans base layouts are provided.
  • All listed coc layouts are from top players.
  • View details of every clash of clans layout with a floating window.
  • Compare mine crated village with theirs and replica the foremost suitable coc layout with a faucet .
  • Build a robust clash of clans village in seconds and win in any clash.

Various Free Resources to Craft Worlds during a Snap

  • many minecraft resources are available, including maps, skins, and textures.
  • Craft a replacement world by downloading any minecraft free map pack.
  • Find and enter the downloaded minecraft free map in your world list and celebrate .
  • Other resources also can be downloaded and utilized in minecraft for free of charge .

Deck Recommendation

  • View recommended clash royale decks and its layout.
  • Check detailed information about each clash royale card.
  • Deploy the foremost useful clash royale deck with a faucet .

Bigfoot may be a game assistant app that aims to assist you win and celebrate in games. Use Bigfoot game assistant whenever you play games. Bigfoot will attempt to transcend the decision of duty on helping every gamer! steel oneself against the battle in fortnight!


  • Bigfoot is a game assistant app for entertainment purposes only.
  • Bigfoot isn’t associated or affiliated with any games above.
  • All games and related details are created by their respective owners who don’t provide any guarantee, sponsorship or special permission, nor take any responsibility for it.

Bigfoot Update

  • Auto highlights recording for Call of Duty Multiplayer.
  • Record your amazing kills automatically.
  • Highlight add more templates.



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