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  • Use your voice to type across many various websites
  • With the Voice In Chrome Extension, you’ll use speech to text to dictate in ANY textbox on ANY website.
  • Use the facility of speech recognition to type emails in Gmail or write blog posts on WordPress or send messages in Slack.

You can use Voice In for

  • Email Dictation: Use Voice In to compose emails altogether popular email sites.
  • Voice Typing: Go hands free and sort together with your voice. Get our thoughts out and take a fast pass within the end to repair mistakes
  • Language Pronunciation: Practice language pronunciation using our speech to text engine. Voice In supports 40+ languages.
  • Voice In works on hottest websites. If it doesn’t work on a site you would like to use Voice In on, contact us (email below).

Getting Started

  • Checkout the entire getting started guide at https://dictanote.co/voicein/getting-started/
  • After initial installation – you’ll taken to options page.
  • confirm to grant permission to microphone and reopen the browser, so it can work smoothly on all opened tabs.

There are 3 ways to start out dictation

  • Simply place the mouse within the text-box, then you’ll either right-click and choose Start-Recording from the popup menu, or,
  • Simply click on the extension’s button right to the address bar. VoiceIn works silently within the background and is usually on.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+9 on Chromebook/Windows/Linux ; Command+Shift+9 on Mac. you’ll change these by getting to chrome extensions chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Default recognition language is English-US. The extension supports over 120 languages.



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