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The description of Farlight 84

  • This is 2084, a wasteland world. Survivors of the Isle Cities, are you ready to get shot out of a cannon in a capsule and venture into the perilous world?
  • Explore maps with unique vehicles, devour weapons equipped with skills, maneuver round the battlefield together with your Jetpack. Be the last one standing!

Lock n’ Load, Brand-name Weapons!

  • The Big Four arms manufacturers Prism Technology, 9A Corporation, Murphy Security, and Wasteland Spirit supply survivors with countless spectacular weapons.
  • Each weapon features a unique skill, so say goodbye to standard gunfights and say hello to mind-blowing tactics!

Vroom, Assorted Vehicles!

  • Quadrupedal? Hovering? Turreted? War SUV? Super racecar? we’ve everything!
  • The speed and firepower combat vehicles bring create more possibilities on the battlefield.

Lift Off, Jetpacks!

  • Soar into the air, and punish your enemies from on high! Maneuver around with finesse for the right sweet spot, and propel with agility to dodge those bullets.
  • This is often an irreplaceable equipment within the go after survival!

Expansion, Team Capsuler!

  • A total of 8 Capsulers have rallied and are awaiting orders. the lovable veterinarian from South America, the rational engineer from South Asia, and an irritable scout are the most recent recruits.
  • They’re able to enter the zone and earn the exclusive survivor title for you!

Charge Up, Energy System!

  • To survive, you would like to agitate .
  • Charging Poles all round the world can provide your equipment with Energy so you’ll tap into your potential and face the challenge of this barren world at your best!





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