Gun Game – Arms Race for Android

The description of Gun Game – arms race

  • Gun Game – arms race may be a person shooter game with simple and straightforward controls.

The Game Rules

  • Join a multiplayer match, Match begins, and everybody has an equivalent weapon.
  • Find other players through the labyrinth of A level , and obtain a Weapon Kill.
  • Getting a kill “upgrades” a player’s gun to subsequent one during a sequence of ten.
  • Whoever makes their way through the whole ladder of guns to urge a Melee Weapon Kill wins the sport .
  • Everyone else is ranked behind them supported what percentage kills they were ready to gain during the sport .
  • Unique missions of this battle game will make this action game even more exciting and fun to play with friends.


  • Play one among the simplest online game with unlimited fun.
  • Explore the simplest shooting game levels during this army game.

Free to Play

  • Play the maximum amount as you would like together with your friends.
  • Player Gear Customization: Customize your character employing a sort of equipment, masks, armor and kit.
  • Use a game loadout suitable to your play style.
  • Aim. Fire. Complete all the missions.
  • Become the amount one commando during this best action and adventure shooting game.

Gun Game – arms race Update

  • GamePlay Improvements
  • Gun Order changes



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