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The description of Honkai Impact 3rd

  • miHoYo’s flagship game and Genshin Impact’s tie-in ARPG!

[Fu Hua’s New Battlesuit | Herrscher of Sentience]

  • She is that the master of sentience and a nightmare to all or any … she is going to reverse all creations!
  • Fu Hua’s S-rank Herrscher battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] debuts! Switch between sword, spear, and chain blades seamlessly, stop time with illusive space, and disrupt enemy mobs with combo slashes!

[Spring Event | Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou]

  • Legends say at heart the southern tropics lies an uncharted island, home to the mysterious Nian beast and therefore the even more mysterious Phoenix…
  • St. Freya sets sail for a southern island to celebrate the approaching of spring!
  • Participate during a series of spring activities to urge Starlit Astrologos’s outfit [Herald of Spring], an S-rank battlesuit option, and therefore the fresh Taixuan bridge theme!

[ELF | Water’s Edge]

  • Formless water joins everything and flows everywhere.
  • Her circle freezes and drowns! New Ice support ELF [Water’s Edge] is battle ready!

[Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal]

  • Unleash unprecedented power! PRI-ARM [Domain of Sentience], fists [Keys of Oblivion] and [Fenghuang Down] have joined the arsenal!
  • Blade Mantra and Blade Sanction have surpassed the fabric world. Stigma set [Shattered Swords] has joined the arsenal!

Honkai Impact 3rd Update

  • 3rd Anniversary with [Herrscher of Sentience]! Log in during anniversary and play events to urge 35 drops, free S-rank battlesuit plus new outfits!
  • [New Battlesuit] Fu Hua’s battlesuit Herrscher of Sentience debuts
  • [New Event] Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou rewards Starlit Astrologos’s outfit
  • [New ELF] Ice Support ELF Water’s Edge debuts
  • [New Equipment] Keys of Oblivion, Fenghuang Down, Shattered Swords set





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