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The description of Legend of Ace App

  • Legend of Ace (so-called LoA) is a 5v5 MOBA game. But it’s more interesting than the others.


  • LoA has improved tons to the game’s strategy. It replaced the item system with a card system.
  • Therefore, players won’t be affected by item recipes. Instead, there are many cards to settle on to reinforce a hero.
  • Every player can have a singular strategy for any hero.
  • LoA is fast-paced. Each game takes only 10 minutes. So players won’t miss the opposite beautiful things in their life. Imagine the difference between calling back to girlfriend within 10 mins and half-hour.
  • LoA needs many teamwork. Each team has five players. Each player has got to select a task to play with, like Tank, Healer, Shooter, Mage, Ganker. Players must cooperate to beat the enemies.
  • LoA is that the best place to point out off your talent. With the ranking system and matchmaking system, you’ll meet all the players round the world. Anyone with great skill are often famous here.
  • LoA is perhaps is that the best MOBA game on the world .

Legend of Ace Update

New Hero Preview

  • Cleopatra , The Last Pharaoh
  • Ultimates [The Glory of Pharaoh]

Hero Balance Adjustments

  • Tlaloc , ThunderStorm
  • Loki , God Of Mischief
  • Medea , Death Tango
  • Hephaestus , God of Craftsman
  • Arjuna , Incarnation of Indra
  • Bradamante , Swordsman Of Rose
  • Odysseus , Shadow Shooter
  • Shipton , Prophet
  • Anubis , The God of Jackal
  • Siren , Azure Monster
  • Hattori Masanari , Oni Hanzo





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