Kdenlive – Free and open-source video editing software


  • Kdenlive is an open source video editor. The project was started around 2003.
  • Kdenlive is made on Qt and therefore the KDE Frameworks libraries.
  • Most of the video processing is completed by the MLT Framework, which relies on many other open source projects like FFmpeg, frei0r, movit, ladspa, sox, etc…
  • Our software was designed to answer most needs, from basic video editing to professional work.
  • Kdenlive is developed by alittle team and new contributors are welcome.

Multi-track video editing

  • Kdenlive allows you to use and arrange several audio and video tracks, all are often locked or muted to your convenience.

Use any audio / video format

  • Being supported the powerful FFmpeg libraries, Kdenlive can use almost any audio and video formats directly without the necessity to convert or re-encode your clips.

Configurable interface and shortcuts

  • You can arrange and save your custom interface layouts to suit your workflow.
  • Keyboard shortcuts also can be configured to match your preferences.


Create 2D titles for your projects,


  • Align and Distribute
  • Letter-spacing and Line-spacing adjustment
  • System font selector including font-family support
  • Design features: Color, Shadows, Outlines and Gradients
  • Embedded Crawl and Roll tool for text animation
  • Unicode decoder
  • Rotate and Zoom
  • Add images
  • Template support

Many effects and transitions

  • Dozens of effects are available, starting from color correction to audio adjustments, also as all the quality transform options.

Audio and video scopes

  • Monitor your audio level or check the colour scopes to form sure your footage is correctly balanced.
  • Audio Meter
  • Histogram
  • Waveform
  • Vectorscope
  • RGB Parade

Proxy editing

  • Kdenlive can automatically create low resolution copies of your source clips to permit you doing the editing on any computer, then render using full resolution.

Automatic backup

  • Your project file is automatically protected every jiffy , and older versions of the project file also are kept just in case you would like to roll back to a previous version.

Online resources

  • Download render profiles, wipes and title templates directly from the interface.

Timeline preview

  • Sometimes when using hi-res footage or complex effects, real-time playback isn’t possible.
  • Timeline preview allows you to pre-render parts of your timeline to urge a wonderfully smooth playback.

Keyframeable effects

  • Most effects are often keyframed, allowing you to vary the parameters over time, using linear or smooth curves to realize the result you would like .

Themable interface

  • Flexible theming engine capable of a spread of sunshine and dark themes.



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