Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta – Free & No-Root KeyMapper

The description of Mantis Gamepad Pro

  • Mantis Gamepad Pro is the latest & Safe Gamepad Keymapper App for Android. With Universal Touch Mapping you’ll use Mantis to play any Game on Android with a Game Controller. Mantis is Secure, Powerful & Intuitive. Mantis is additionally completely FREE.
  • Mantis has been specifically tested with Major Online Multiplayer Games like PUBG, COD, war Heroes, etc to offer you the professional Console Level Gaming Experience on Android.
  • Mantis doesn’t require Root for any functionality. Root is optional.

  • No Cloning – Ban-Safe Gaming : Mantis doesn’t require cloning of Apps and instead uses an Universal Touch Mapping mechanism to function.
  • Great Gamepad Compatibility : Mantis supports most Gamepads supported by Android. Xbox, PS4, Razer, iPega, GameSir, Logitech, etc.
  • Phases : With Phases you’ll create separate Touch Mappings for various segments within the game. Eg. Driving, Movement, Parachute, etc
  • MOBA Smart Cast Support : With MOBA Smart Cast Feature, you’ll now map Smart Cast Buttons with a mixture of a Gamepad Button and a ThumbStick.
  • Incredible DPAD Support : Mantis allows you employ your DPAD like ThumbStick. Great for Gamepads without Physical ThumbSticks. 8-Way DPAD as buttons is additionally supported.
  • Smart Resume : Mantis allows you to Multi-Task between Gaming Sessions and can be ready with the Overlay once you come back .
  • Dark Theme : the fashionable Interface & Incredible Dark Theme radiates the right gaming vibes while being intuitive at an equivalent time.

Mantis Gamepad Pro Update

  • Fixed Android 12 Overlay Issue.
  • Solved a drag with Gamepad Selection.
  • Added Potential Fix for Mantis Overlay not exposure .
  • Added Localizations for Spanish, Portugese & Indonesian
  • Fixed a Crash situation on Android 12 Devices.
  • Added Optimizations for Low-end Devices.
  • Hotfix for Infinite Load issue in Add Game Screen.
  • Option added to Disable Battery Optimization for Mantis.
  • Solved a problem where Mantis Overlay wouldn’t get away even after closing the sport .





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