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The description of Onmyoji Arena

  • Onmyoji Arena’s new season, Dark Storm is here! Lord of Underworld, Enma descends! Prove your might in Solo Mode with custom Onmyodo strategies! Shine in the all-new skins and win more generous rewards!
  • Onmyoji Arena is a component the hit Onmyoji series from NetEase.
  • It builds on the rich character base from the first work to make a replacement MOBA experience.
  • The game retains the elegant Japanese aesthetics and original voice talents to faithfully recreate Kyoto within the Heian era.
  • With innovative map designs, a Fog of War mode, and a good larger set of Shikigami skills, players are certain more fun and greater challenges as they battle to reign supreme.
  • The paid amulet system is now replaced by a free Onmyodo system. This levels the playing field.
  • Players from everywhere the planet are connected, and therefore the all-new 3v3v3 Battle Royale will provide players with a fun and novel MOBA experience.


  • Beautiful Shikigami with original voice cast to duplicate the Heian world with perfection.
  • Onmyoji Arena retains the elegant Japanese aesthetics from Onmyoji also as its stellar Japanese voice cast to offer players a more authentic gaming experience. Gorgeous 3D models.
  • Awesome Shikigami ultimates. What are you waiting for? Summon your favorite Shikigami into battle now!
  • A fair game with no amulets required. Prove your strategic prowess on the battlefield now!
  • Onmyoji Arena does away with the amulet system, and every one players can now create their own combinations of Onmyoji’s abilities (Onmyodo) for free of charge .
  • Based on their strategy, players can freely mix and match the skills in Onmyoji, adding another variable to the sport .

  • Now there’s a useful role for everyone.
  • Shikigami have 4 abilities and a couple of general spells, allowing more combinations of abilities and tactics. Unique ability sets bring about greater possibilities.
  • Innovative map designs and therefore the Fog of War system make strategy even more critical, in order that players can fully experience this new mobile MOBA.
  • At an equivalent time, the sport is revolutionary therein it connects top players from everywhere the planet to check their might.
  • Innovative Battle Royale for a three-party showdown.
  • The first ever 3v3v3 battle mode, Battle Royale, incorporates new features like multi-team battles, competition for resources, and fast-paced combat.
  • Players are divided into 3 teams of three for an exciting new multi-team experience! In the Battle Royale mode, players will spawn from three locations on the map with the combat zone located within the center.
  • The first team to seal 30 Shikigami shall reign supreme!

Onmyoji Arena Update

  • New shikigami Hiyoribou joins Shikigami Brawl!
  • Kyonshi Imoto’s Steam Age series skin, Steam: Explorer is now available!
  • The Hundred Wars Benediction event is here! Collect shards during the event to get Samurai X’s skin, Armor of 100 Wars!
  • Adjusted some shikigami abilities in Demon Encounter.
  • Fixed some known issues.



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