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The description of Open Camera App

  • Open Camera is a completely free Camera app.


  • choice to auto-level so your pictures are perfectly level regardless of what.
  • Expose your camera’s functionality: support for scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, selfie with “screen flash”, HD video and more.
  • Handy remote controls: timer (with optional voice countdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay).
  • choice to take photo remotely by making a noise, or by voice command “cheese”.
  • Configurable volume keys and interface .
  • Upside-down preview option to be used with attachable lenses.
  • Overlay a choice of grids and crop guides.
  • Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos and videos; for photos this includes compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).
  • Apply date and timestamp, location coordinates, and custom text to photos; store date/time and site as video subtitles (.SRT).
  • Panorama, including for front camera.
  • Support for HDR (with auto-alignment and ghost removal) and Exposure Bracketing.
  • Support for Camera2 API: manual controls (with optional focus assist); burst mode; RAW (DNG) files; movie video; log profile video.
  • Noise reduction (including low light night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes.
  • Options for on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peaking.
  • Focus bracketing mode.
  • Completely free, and no third party ads within the app (I only run third party ads on the website). Open Source.
  • (Some features might not be available on all devices, as they’ll depend upon hardware or camera features, the Android version, etc.)
  • Website (and links to source code): http://opencamera.org.uk/
  • Note that it isn’t possible on behalf of me to check Open Camera on every Android device out there, so please test before using Open Camera to photo/video your wedding etc 🙂
  • App icon by Adam Lapinski. Open Camera also uses content under third party licences, see https://opencamera.org.uk/#licence

Open Camera Update

  • New icon for switching between multiple cameras (note not all devices expose multiple cameras to 3rd party apps). For old behaviour disable Settings/On screen GUI/”Multiple cameras icon”.
  • Aperture control (on supported devices, Camera2 only). Flash now supported for manual ISO/exposure. More custom video profiles. Improvements for log profiles (note this suggests behaviour of those profiles has changed). Auto-level feature now shows on-screen rectangle.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.





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