Redgear Pro Wired & Wireless Gamepad

Redgear Pro Wired & Wireless Gamepad (Windows 788.110)

Product description

  • Redgear Pro series wired gamepad uses the newest and ultra precise VR on the left and right stick with assist you game sort of a pro, no more dead zones while playing your FPS games and allows better control for angles on sports games.
  • Redgear Smartline gamepad comes with X-input and direct-input compatibility that permits you to play all the newest games in plug and play mode, easily move between X-input mode and direct-input mode with a fanatical switch.
  • No more hassles of downloading software from within the internet to use your gamepad for brand spanking new games. If you would like to play your old classics to not worry just install the driving force provided within the box and you’ll enjoy all of your classics.
  • juice up your gaming space with our new Pro series controller with backlit illuminated ABXY keys.
  • Now feel all the bumps, crashes and shots with a sensible intense vibration feedback with dual high intensity motors for the realistic gameplay.
  • The new turbo mode in Redgear Pro series gamepads allows you to configure your weapons to shoot in bursts supplying you with a tactile advantage within the those shooting games.


  • The Redgear Pro Series Wired Gamepad offers plug and play support for all PC games. It supports most Windows operating systems. there’s no hassle of downloading the specified drivers to run the consoles. you’ll directly play the games with the efficient keys and buttons that respond well to the touch. The console allows you to feel all the crashes and bumps during gaming along side realistic intense vibration.
  • The gamepad comes with illuminated keys on the rear which illuminate and permit visibility even in low light conditions. Game during a dark room with none issues with this gamepad.
  • This gamepad offers a fanatical switch for shifting between X-input mode and direct-input. Check manual the way to switch between x and d input mode.
  • The revolutionary new turbo mode within the gamepad allows you to configure your weapons to shoot in bursts. It gives you a tactile advantage in shooting games.
  • The gamepad comes with a plug and play feature which doesn’t require any driver to be installed before gaming. the newest games can run with this feature. With older games, simply install the included driver within the pack.
  • The gamepad has an integrated dual intensity motor which allows a sensible gaming experience. Now experience the crashes, bumps and shots with a sensible intense vibration!

Technical Details

  • X input and direct input, Operating Range: 10 m
  • Integrated force feedback ; Buttons: 11 ; Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz ; Features: 2 Analog Triggers, 2 Analog
  • Sticks, 11 Digital Keys, Supports X Input and Direct Input, Upto 10 hrs of Gameplay
  • 2 analog sticks, Ergonomically designed
  • 2 analog triggers
  • Turbo mode; 11 digital keys
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 10 meters wireless connectivity
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 compatibility
  • Illuminated ABXY keys

Note: Wired cable provided in box for charging





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