Guardian’s Odyssey: Medieval Action RPG

The description of Guardian’s Odyssey: Medieval Action RPG

  • High-Quality Western Medieval ACTION RPG
  • Guardian’s Odyssey: The Blazing Fire
  • Powerful, full-scale battles against numerous enemies!

Guardian’s Odyssey Game Features

▶ Non-moving, Easy and Powerful battle!

  • Console-level scenes involving timing-based skills
  • Intense action experience with a counterattack
  • Feel full satisfaction like never before

▶ Collecting premium equipment

  • Make your character stronger by collecting graded equipment with elemental properties.
  • Unleash the computer graphics hidden in your gear to reenact legendary warrior battles!

▶ Various game modes

  • Experience the story of the hero who wants revenge for her family!
  • Stop enemies from the dark caves and explore dungeons where powerful bosses are often found!
  • Defeat other players to prove your ability!

▶ 1:1 individual match within the Colosseum

  • Be a challenger who wants to become the simplest warrior within the whole world.
  • See your character’s power during this Arena!
  • Win the battle, then claim the simplest legacy gears so as to be stronger.



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